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The hospitality industry's appetite for skilled stakk just keeps on growing!


Are you a chef, kitchen hand, cleaner, maintenance person or nurse?

job seeker iconOur aim is to match qualified suitable Job Seekers such as your self to suitable qualified host employers.

AILS (SA) Pty Ltd established in 1991 is a Recruitment and Labour Hire Company.

Why you should use AILS

  • Every Day employers request us to supply a range of people with suitable abilities to supplement their workforce needs.
  • AILS matches you the Job Seeker and your experience to a suitable qualified host employer.
  • You may only need a short-term job or may be seeking a permanent position. We are in the best position to match your needs.
  • Many short-term jobs grow in to permanent or long-term positions.
  • Many Host employers use Labour Hire as a means of evaluating a Job Seeker before offering a permanent position.
  • When you register AILS may know an employer who is looking for or normally uses a Job Seeker with your talents or experience. We will then immediately contact the employer.

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