Application of this Policy

This policy applies to personal and sensitive information collected by AILS (SA) PTY LTD. It does not relate to any client AILS supplies labour and services to or has any affiliation with.

As the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and the Privacy Act (1988)

  1. AILS collects and holds the following information on employees
    1. General; Name, age, gender, email, address, height, weight, licence number, phone number and marital status   
    2. Payroll; Bank account number and BSB, tax file number, superannuation details, job network details, child support payment requirements and redundancy fund details. Details of employment history are also stored as well as wage payments that are made to employees including Superannuation contributions and tax withheld.
    3. Employment suitability; Previous workplaces of the employee, skills held and references
    4. Health; Emergency contacts, lifestyle choices, previous injuries and WorkCover claims the employee has made
    5. A list of notes are also kept electronically as a reference point for AILS consultants. These notes relate to 
      1. Work performance
      2.  Attitude at placements
      3. Feedback from clients
      4. Calls or visits made to the office
  2. This information is held on an electronic database to which access is restricted. A paper copy is also kept in storage for a period of two years since the candidate last worked.
  3. This information is collected for the purposes of superannuation and wage payments. In addition, information is used to determine suitability of candidates in particular workplaces. This information is not disclosed to a third party unless they include the following  
    1. Superannuation funds for
      1. Information requests relating to deceased estates
      2. Requests for work history information (wage, travel and meal allowances) for income protection insurance claims
      3. Superannuation details including names, address, membership number and gender for the purpose of superannuation contributions by AILS to an employee
    2. The Australian Taxation Office
    3. Centrelink for
      1. General information requests which include disclosure of wages, bank account details that the wage was paid into, previous employment dates, wage subsidy information, WorkCover payments, allowances (tools, travel and meals,) and severance pay
    4. Employment agencies if
      1. A signed information disclosure form is provided by the employee
      2. All companies the employee worked at are redacted
      3. They are not an overseas entity, as we cannot guarantee they meet the standards of the Australian Privacy Principles  
  4. Employees are entitled to contact AILS and access any information that has been recorded in their file. This can be provided both verbally and in written form if required. Any corrections to their file can be given verbally unless relating to superannuation details and tax file numbers. For changes to this information a new form must be completed by the employee.  
  5. No information regarding employees is disclosed to overseas recipients under any circumstances.

Identification of Employees

  1. AILS has a strict identification policy. Employees wishing to access their file must provide two pieces of information to identify themselves before their file can be altered.

Privacy Complaints and Enquiries
AILS welcomes any feedback and will promptly address any privacy complaints. You may contact AILS via:

275 South Road
SA, 5000 

(08) 8348 3333

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.